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Hello again everyone! I would like to ask for anyone's opinion on my website. It's my first time creating one ever and since it's for a business I thought I should ask those who know how it should look and feel. With that said please feel free to check out and leave your comment either here or send it in the contact us section of the site.

Thanks in advance

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The website looks great!
I would recommend that you get a non ad published site. Go to Go-daddy and get your domain registered then go to a webhosting service.

Our company uses 3IX for our hosting. Here is there link:

It costs us $12.00 a year for a 40gig site.

Hope this helps.
Thanks R&R for the advice, it never hurts to have more options. Please keep the suggestions coming! I'd love to hear more.
Im looking for wrk
** some mild constructive criticism and suggestions - dont take offense please**

Al is it?,

I definitely concur with what R&R is saying about a non-ad published site. You don't want to make money off your site's clients; Except when their paying you directly for work you're going to complete for them :o) - at the very least not until you're well established and have the traffic to justify the ads; and even then It's probably not the best idea.

People are coming to your site to find out information about your company not to be solicited for things like groupon etc. The ad that was just listed there for me was by "fair home loan bureau" Which was suggesting help on modifying mortgages. It may very well have been tracking cookie based and is just showing ads based on what I've been reading on past websites but having someone modify their mortgage is kind of the exact opposite of what someone in our business needs to occur. Don't get me wrong I don't enjoy having someone else's livelyhood ruined just so I can benefit from their misfortune it's just that there's plenty of other resources for these people to get that kind of help.

Since your site is so new, you're not going to have the traffic to justify ads on the webpage. Even if you do get click throughs you're probably at best making from $0.03 - $0.35 cents per click and if I'm not mistaken most pay-per-click accounts have to have a minimum amount before you even get cut a check. Basically making your PPC accounts with adwords useless unless you get enough click throughs which honestly I wouldn't expect to happen from a site by someone in our industry.

If you want to have ads that have a chance to make some money you might want to think about starting a blog and linking to it from your site. (listing your site on your blog as well as listing your blog AND your website on here will help with your page ranking in google But there's far more than you can do to help get bumped up. The more websites you have that link to your websites gives your page some credibility and helps with page ranking in google and similar search engines. That's really what you need to generate the traffic. Get on local forums in your area and post your site's link to as many places as possible without spamming them (which can also hurt you as well) this will definitely start pulling you in some traffic.

Trying googling for Search engine optimization in google and reading up on that article (from google). There's a lot of techie talk in there but it will give you a good insight on how to get your website to show up on the first page when someone makes an inquiry into our field in your area.

Hope this helps.

There is a good Domain surfer that we have used in the past that can help you come up with key words to help in your listing of you website it is as follows:

Domain Sumari

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for all the feed back Chris and R&R. The ads are gone. It cost about $100 for a year so not that bad. I went through since this is the service I used to originally build my site.

All the advice so far is correct, and I would also add to keep working on it, it's a good START, but you need to constantly compare your site to other sites and make yours better, little by little.

How's business going?

If I may say a few words, just asking everyone don't take offense if it somehow contradicts your opinion.

I think you made a great foundation for your site. However there are two sides to building any site from scratch: one - is being helpful and informative for your customers and/or prospective customers and the other one - is being visible and attractive to the spiders and search engines, etc.

Speaking of the first one: being informative and helpful. I liked how you organized all the info. However went to each tab and didnt fine the phone # to call you - you lost me right there. Filling out the "contact us" form helps us, vendors, but many people are still at the point that they would rather pick up the phone and call right away. Then i really liked the idea of the "Before" and "After" pictures, but was not able to enlarge them. Many people are visual and liek big pictures. It didnt bother me, I could see, but I have seen quite a few people who would want to see it on the whole screen. There is also a huge blank spot at the very top - just use the space in the efficient way: maybe put your cotractor's license #, or maybe a reference to professional associations (even something like "Member of Foreclosure Cleanup Network" would tell your visitors that you not only do the job properly but also take time to stay on top by networking with other professionals like yourself).

As for the second side to each web site (being visible to google and others) - web site optimiozation is a huge part of our lives today and is much more complex that we, consumers, understand. Create more landing pages - the more pages you have, the more attractive your site would be. Like, for example, you have a list of cities/counties that you serve. Maybe make each of them a link to a landing page. Also, try to find others to exchange links with. Its not as easy as it sounds, but comes very handy. I also read a comment about ads on profesional sites and the idea that it is not quite professional to put ads. I have a different opinion ont hat too. Yes, people do not come to your site for groupons or something like that. But if you can find companies/services/goods that might be helpful to your visitors - it might help you as well.

With all this said I would like to ask everyone about a favor of looking at one of my sites and giving your opinion:

And again, I did not mean to offend anyone by anything said above. :-)

And the Best of Luck to you!




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