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I cant believe i have never joined this site,im so glad i did..I have been performing P&P,mortgage field service,contracting and janitorial work for quite awhile.  I love this business and am willing to help anyone be successful at it.I pride myself on letting the quality of work and professional business ethics speak volumes for my business .We have to stay strong and not let anybody with a truck and trash can invade our industry,this way we keep the rates competitive and workorders flowing.

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i am interested in being successful in this business. I am open to any advice you may have for me. I am curious to know the best ways to get business. Where to find the companies available? How to figure the rates and pricing? What serves are the most valuable and neccesary for repeat business for my company when starting out? I am in houston Texas. This is all new to me. I am asking for any wisdom you might have for me.
Hello... this is shane beavers & Justin DiMinno With Complete Clean-Out LLP. We want to be successful in our business. We are located in northeast ohio, willing to work within a 100 miles of our loaction, Just starting out a few months ago we contacted preservation companys,asset companys but still have had no call backs. So now we have contacted REO agents. We are now on 8 REO agent lists for calls to give bids this is very good. We are going down to a house to give a bid on the outside of the home, but i don't get it because the family is still in the house and the REO agent said if they will let me and my partener go into the house we could look around and give bids on things that need fixed. So what we're asking is do we have our ducks in line???
I have applied for all licensing and filed my LLC. I am in the process of getting insurance quotes right now. Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
Hello... This is shane beavers with Complete Clean-Out LLP. Just wanted to let you know that there is a lot of paper work if you are llc. llp if you could partener up with someone is very little paper work and also will work in any state unlike llc. Also for insurance our frist quotes were between $2,500 - $1,900 and they wanted all or half the money up front, but we found the best deal around business insurance and that is STATE AUTO 1-800-766-1853 i know it has auto in the name but they have busniess insurance $424.00 for the hole year and they only wanted half of it $212.00 and it covers alot more then others would. also you can sign up with property preservation companys to hire you to clean out houses.

well good luck....
is "state auto" insurance just for your GL insurance or for your E/O insurance too?
for both
if you have e/o thru them is it for 1mil cap? is so whats their monthly premium look like? I'm in the market right now to get some but don't like the quotes so far.
State Auto is a division / subsidiary of Hanover. They are a reputable company that provides great service. My company has all of our Indiana properties insured with State Auto.
A word to the wise about starting in this business,...Get plenty of it!In order to get any workorders in this business you are going to need atleast $100,000 to $1,000,000 of coverage depending on who you work for.Most National P&P contractors require you to have them listed as additional insured.Start with a good General Liability insurance,next start with landlords and realtors,test the waters then jump in!...
AMEN to that !!! I've had a hard enough time in southern Nevada stay afloat this year....the last two years were god sents but now everyone with a truck and lawnmower are coming out of the wood work willing to work for bare bones and every time i go to a house i can right away tell what kind of vendor worked there.....two and three years ago the houses that were broker controlled looked amazing!! the broker's cared about the appearance of the property because their commission check depended on it and they paid well and were a days there's guys working for 0-1% profit and the properties look no better after they leave and the banks choose those vendors because they are the cheapest estimate and the bottom line is all a bank ever cares about....

I am new to this forum and have been reading this string of comments, I have to wonder if anyone in this forum started with virtually nothing and grew,  or has everyone been large companies that started out with huge investments in equipment and inventory?


I had nothing but a pink slip and a little unemployment check,but in order to get serious business, you have to be serious about your business and MARKET!



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